Simple Pleasures







  • Beautiful red leaves make for the perfect fall backdrop.



  • FINALLY made it to La Carnita on College Street for fish tacos and margaritas!



  • A nice little reminder that love comes from the simplest places.

Every year around this time, as summer quickly (without any warning at all) turns to fall, I start to reminisce.  It’s time to reflect on the adventures summer brought, and bemoan the ones I never took.  This year, is the first in many that I am not going back to school, and with that comes the new challenge of searching for that perfect job, in what sometimes feels like a dismal market.  

This past week, I had a visit from a best friend from home.  This was her first time in Toronto, and it was so nice to see the city through a fresh pair of eyes.  We saw a Blue Jays game, walked aimlessly throughout the city, scored some sweet vintage finds in Kensington Market and ate at several amazing restaurants (hello, La Carnita–where have you been all my life?) It was so nice to introduce her to my friends, and show her elements of my life here in Toronto, and there is truly nothing like a visit from the prairies to lift my spirits and get me ready to embrace my favorite season. 


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